RADIATED SOUNDS - Best EPs of 2011


2011 was, for me, an incredible year for EPs, especially debut EPs. Here’s a list of 25 short releases that I particularly enjoyed this year, with an additional emphasis on some well-deserving but lesser-known artists.

25. Eternal Summers – Prisoner EP
Recommended tracks: “Cog”, “Pure Affection”

24. Elite Gymnastics - Ruin 1
 Recommended tracks: “o m a m o r i”, “h e r e , i n h e a v e n”

 23. Ricky Eat Acid – Like I Was Floating
Recommended track: “Anxiety (feat. Rachel Levy)”
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22. Time Wharp – GRN EP
Recommended tracks: “ja$$z”, “vibe$”
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 21. Glass Vaults - Into Clear EP
Recommended tracks: “Gold Star”
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20. Colleen Green – Cujo EP
Recommended tracks: “Mike”, “Cujo”

 19. Lizard Kisses – Tiny Island Teeth
Recommended tracks: “Swell (with Sea Oleena)”, “Pinch”
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18. Glisk - Servants Heart
Recommended track: “Emlin”
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 17. Knox - To Roar, Rush, And Murmur
Recommended tracks: “15 Piece”, “The Rip”
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16. Guerre - Darker My Love
Recommended tracks: “Care 4 Me”, Millenium Blues”
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15. Sobrenadar – Vent Solaire EP
Recommended tracks: “Vent Solaire”, Pleyares”
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14. High Highs - High Highs EP
Recommended tracks: “Flowers Bloom”, “Horses”

 13. Jesse Futerman – Super Basement EP
Recommended tracks: “A Tribute To Horace”, “A Good Man Is Gone”
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12. TV Girl – Benny And The Jetts
Recommended track: “Lizzy Come Back To Life”
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 11. Beach Fossils – What A Pleasure EP
Recommended tracks: “Out In The Way (feat. Jack Tatum)”, “Adversity”

How To Dress Well - Just Once EP
10. How To Dress Well – Just Once EP
Recommended track: “Suicide Dream 2 (orchestral version)”

Supreme Cuts - Trouble EP
09. Supreme Cuts – Trouble EP
Recommended tracks: “Amnesia”, “Fools”

Earth Girl Helen Brown - Story Of An Earth Girl
08. Earth Girl Helen Brown - Story Of An Earth Girl
Recommended track: “Hit After Hit”

We Are Trees - Girlfriend EP
07. We Are Trees – Girlfriend EP
Recommended tracks: “Colorado”, “I Don’t Believe In Love”

Celista - EP
06. Celista – EP
Recommended tracks: “Warm Autumn”, “Swimming Endless”
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Chrome Sparks - My <3
05. Chrome Sparks - My <3
Recommended tracks: “Doubt, No”, “All There Is (feat. Steffaloo)”
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Yohuna - Revery
04. Yohuna – Revery
Recommended tracks: “Mateo”, “Keep Apnea”

Clams Casino - Rainforest EP
03. Clams Casino - Rainforest EP
Recommended tracks: “Waterfalls”, “Gorilla”

Mutual Benefit - I Saw The Sea
02. Mutual Benefit - I Saw The Sea
Recommended tracks: “Animal Death Mask”, “Stargazer”

Holy Other - With U EP
01. Holy Other – With U EP
Recommended tracks: “Know Where”, “Touch”

Thank you!